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Cool spoons



Cool Spoons is proudly owned by Don and Jill Johnson of Carbondale, Illinois. They had discussed opening an ice cream place on and off for a long time and, in August of 2011, decided to pull the trigger and start the process. They sat it out with two goals in mind. The first, to create a place for everyone to feel comfortable and to enjoy a good frozen treat. The second, to create a self-serve style parlor where customers could create exactly what they want. Cool Spoons was opened on March 30, 2012.   

Today, that's exactly what Cool Spoons has become. Stepping inside, customers are greeted by 18 unique flavors of ice creams, sorbets, and gelatos. In addition customers will find over 130 different toppings ranging from fruit to chocolate candies to nuts and even sauces. At Cool Spoons, customers can truly create exactly the kind of treat they're looking for.


Meet Topper! Topper is the friendly penguin mascot who greets you every time you visit us at Cool Spoons. He's very photogenic and loves taking pictures. We love seeing them too. If you ever post a picture of yourself with Topper, tag us so that we can check it out!



Went for the first time tonight and it was such a great experience. Such an array of flavor options and an incredible amount of toppings as well! What really pushed me to leaving a review is the way they're handling their service during the epidemic. I believe it was the owner who was working tonight and I know it probably sucks to have to make each cup for each customer, especially when it gets busy, but she's really going above and beyond to cater to the customers' health and safety and I think that's super awesome.


Local yummy frozen yogurt, sorbet or ice cream with many toppings. Now COVID compatible. Gloves, mask and hand sanitizer before serving yourself.


Really good FroYo, and amazing toppings, the choices are endless!! And it's not that expensive either!


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